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Rick @ Marty's

Rick Carter performing at Marty’s. (RIP Marty Eagle)

I caught up with Rick Carter a few nights ago at his Singer-Songwriter Coalition held Wednesday nights at Bar 31 in Vestavia, AL.  You might recognize Rick from a number of projects including Telluride, Rollin’ In The Hay, and now a new internet radio station and app that specializes in Alabama-local music called Rick Carter Radio – just to mention a few.

The Mentor

Personally, I first came to know know Rick as an individual who enjoys nurturing the development of new performers of music at his Guitar Pull (which used to be held at The Oasis).  These days, you can catch Rick out working with performers again — this time at his Singer-Songwriter Coalition on Wednesday nights at Bar 31.

When I first met Rick, I played the Guitar Pull, and I was awful.  I was stopping half way through songs and I’m sure I was beating on my guitar like it was a drum set.  After I got off stage, Rick offered me some words of advice, “Wes, if you stop half way through a song, nobody’s going to listen to the second half.”  After I had some time to think about that, I realized he was probably the only person who bothered actually telling me what he thought.  So, I went back and played it again — becoming a regular in the process.

A friend of mine at the time, Zach Moore, and I used to go every Monday night down to the Oasis on 7th Avenue S. for at least a year, and we both got a whole lot better by practicing on stage.  Rick was always with helpful advice and had a tremendous amount of patience I don’t think most people would have had the capacity for.   The other regulars were very talented and even more important, they were ORIGINAL as the Guitar Pull tended to attract the best musicians and songwriters in Birmingham.  Some of those nights, you couldn’t have fit one more person into that bar, and for what?  An Open Mic night… although it’s fair to say, it was not your usual Open Mic — it was Rick Carter’s Guitar Pull.

After taking a few years off from hosting Open Mics, Rick Carter has carried over the Magic to Bar 31 on Wednesday nights.

Rick Carter at Marty's

Rick Carter at Marty’s

The Professional Musician

Rick has founded a number of successful bands including Telluride and Rollin’ In The Hay, and if you check his upcoming dates at, you’ll observe he has fewer days off than a lot of us with supposed ‘real’ jobs.  He’s arguably the hardest working musician in Birmingham.

The Entrepreneur

Beyond all of Rick’s successful Musical Ventures,  he could also be respected and recognized as an owner of Rogue Tavern on 2nd Ave. North and manages quite a respectable calendar of music for the venue/eatery/bar in Birmingham’s loft district.

Rick Carter Radio on my iPhone

Rick Carter Radio on my iPhone

The App

One of Rick’s most recent ventures is into Internet Radio with Rick Carter Radio — focusing on all Alabama music all the time, and after checking it out, I can FULLY endorse Rick Carter Radio.  I’d hold it up against any radio station in Birmingham — easily.  The playlist of tunes is being masterfully selected to demonstrate a whole new world of original songs that will send you into an Alabama Music lovin’ trance.  It’s a free app and it supports local music — isn’t this what we’ve been asking for for years?  I know I’ve been wanting something like this to happen for Alabama songwriters and musicians for a very long time.

Alright, so now that you’re armed to go forth into the world knowing about the great works of Rick Carter, here’s how you can learn more about Rick Carter and help the rest of Birmingham find out more about Sir Rick also:

1) Like these Facebook pages: Rick CarterRick Carter Radio.

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4) Head over to and get the app for your smart phone: (iPhone) (Droid)

5) If you really want to know Rick Carter, you must first learn the “Opie Song.”


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